As we head into warm weather for the spring season, let’s talk about trendy sunglasses that will have you made in the shade! Here are the top 5 styles you’ll love for spring!


Prints & Patterns

Pattern play is always fun to incorporate into any look! There’s plenty of printed frames to choose, from inspired by this season’s fashion shows! A few of our favorite prints are polka dots, animal, stripes, and checkered.


Seeing Red

Looking for that pop of color? You’ll be surprised how red stands out while also blending in with numerous outfits! A pair of red frames give you that versatile accessory to go from patio brunch to poolside fun!


The Cat’s Meow

Cat-eyed frames are still very in and you can’t go wrong with a style that elongates your face while emphasizing your cheekbones! Try a classic black cat eye eyeglasses or sunglasses!



There are numerous eyewear styles we carry for a futuristic look. Be adventurous with a pair of mirror lenses or make a stylish statement in a sporty frame! Both styles are perfect to mix and match with a feminine or athleisure ensemble.


Square vs. Round

How do you pick between a square or round frame? Well, square frames are timeless and should be a staple in everyone’s accessory collection. Plus, they are super functional for covering your face when the sun is at its hottest! Round frames are one of the most sought-after eyewear styles for spring. A pair of round sunglasses can also give a delicate and chic look that can be worn with any outfit.

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