plastic cr-39 lenses

CR-39 lenses, also know as plastic lenses, are one of the most common material for lenses.  Plastic lenses became popular during the 1970s due to the fashion trend for large-sized frames. Plastic (also known as hard resin or CR-39) lenses are half the weight of glass lenses, which made them more comfortable. Plastic also provides excellent optics and vision correction. To overcome the softer lens surface, scratch resistant coatings are available and should always be recommended.

There is a large selection of lens styles that are available in plastic, which increases it versatility and usage. Although it lacks the built-in UVA/UVB blocking properties of other materials, plastics can be treated with UV protective coatings. Plastic also accepts tints easier than any other material.

Compared with other materials, plastic is the choice for the budget-conscious consumer, or the fashion consumer looking for tinted eyewear. Despite the versatility of plastic lenses, they are NOT suitable for drill rimless styles because the material tends to crack and star which compromises the lens and eyewear. Other materials such as polycarbonate, trivex or high index materials are more suited for this style of eyewear.


  • Good optics, lighter than glass
  • Available in many styles
  • Easy to tint