mirror coating

Mirror coats come in a variety of colors and are highly reflective.  Often paired with polarized lenses, eyewear with mirror coats are generally used for outdoor activities. Its highly reflective properties reflect heat and glare, and can enhance the visual comfort of the wearer in outdoor situations.

A variation of the mirror coat, the flash coat is a lighter coating, showing only a subtle flash of reflection. This treatment is often chosen for cosmetic reasons.

When selecting a mirror coat, be sure to keep in mind this coating can craze and scratch if the eyewear is not handled with care. Leaving your mirrored eyewear on the dashboard of a car, where it may be subject to extreme temperatures or sliding when the vehicle is in motion, will cause mirrored eyewear to be damaged. As a precaution, mirrored lenses can have a factory-applied hardcoat that will make them more resistant to scratching.