anti reflective (ar) coating

An anti-reflective lens treatment, commonly known in the optical industry as A/R, is a treatment applied to both the front and back lens surface area. This treatment eliminates reflections commonly seen with optical lenses. Reducing glare during the day caused by natural and artificial light as well as headlight glare at night are the primary reason people choose Anti-Reflective Coatings.

In addition to the improvement in vision, first time eyeglass wearers can benefit from A/R Coatings because the anti-reflective coating eliminates the reflection of things around them when looking through their lenses. Eliminating this annoying distraction not only improves the safety and vision of the wearer, it improves the overall experience of wearing eyeglasses for the first time.

People who stand to gain the most from an anti-reflective coating include:

  • Public Speakers
  • First Time Eyeglass Wearers
  • People Who Use Computers
  • People Sensitive to Headlight Glare
  • People Sensitive to Reflections